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February 2019

  • Sunday, Feb 3  – Sunday worship at 11:15 including Sunday school for all children and youth. During the winter time our congregation is meeting at the Fellowship Hall. Join us also for coffee and snack after the worship.
  • Sunday, Feb 10  – Sunday worship at 11:15 including Sunday school for all children and youth
  • Saturday, Feb 16 – Women of the Church meet at 10 for a light breakfast followed by the book study – this time at home of Vesna
  • Sunday, Feb 17  – Sunday worship at 11:15 including Sunday school for all children and youth. Afterwards please join us for Stone Soup Luncheon, our annual Missions Celebration
  • Monday, Feb 18 – Our E-Bible Study starts. Interested? – read more details
  • Sunday, Feb 24  – Sunday worship at 11:15 including Sunday school for all children and youth

Our IPC Confirmation/pastor’s class will begin soon.  This class is for all older children, youth or adults who have either never been baptized OR have been baptized and never confirmed.  The class(es) will be divided by age, so pre-registration is important.  Tentative dates are 17 March through 26 May.

If you are interested or have questions, please:

Mission of the Month – Christian Medical College, Vellore

Mission of the Month – February

Protestant Social Center

IPC has a long history of local mission work as a part of the Protestant Social Center.  As one of the founding partners of The Protestant Social Center, PSC was created as a unified Protestant presence in Brussels and as an efficient way of providing joint services to those most at risk in our area. From assistance for refugees and the homeless, to clothing, school supplies, medical care, language instruction, social connections, aid for battered spouses and general “pastoral presence”, PSC has been OUR presence in Brussels ministry.

During the month of February, our Mission collection will be going to the PSC to provide supplies in their Refugee Response project and Children at Risk program.  These two projects focus on providing Christian intervention in the lives of those most at risk in our world today, the children.  From safe shelter to basic meals, warm clothing to the opportunity to attend school, PSC makes it possible to care for the children because of help from congregations like IPC.