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Congratulations to IPC for taking part in this wonderful Global Mission Song!

What’s happening at IPC in May?

Save these dates!

Sunday 7: Morning Worship with Communion at 11:15

Sunday 14: Morning Worship at 11:15

Saturday 20: Women of the Church at 10:00

Sunday 21: Morning Worship and Bible Presentation Sunday at 11:15

Thursday 25: Bibles and Beer

Sunday 28: Ascension Sunday Morning Worship at 11:15

Any questions?

Mission of the Month

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

Many hands make for light work”

Every year, IPC takes a special collection for local missions known as the Pastoral Discretionary Fund.  This money is set aside for use by the Pastor for ministry representing the congregation. This allows the Pastor (and IPC) to:

Provide assistance to members and non-members who seek help from the congregation

The PDF becomes the place where we can respond to persons in need.  We are currently using such funds to assist a member who is in prison.

Have a larger impact than if individuals attempted to respond alone:

Ministries are possible that could not be accomplished by an individual gift.

Verify that funds are going where they are intended and not misdirected:

Focusing our assistance through the PDF ensures there is no fraud.

Ensure that EVERY IPC youth will have access to all programs and events:

No IPC youth should ever be left behind due to program costs.

Deal with funding needs that simply don’t fit anywhere else and allowing for spontaneous, creative ministries.