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Congratulations to IPC for taking part in this wonderful Global Mission Song!

What’s happening at IPC?

Save these dates!

Sunday July 31, Morning worship 11.15, will focus on “When is enough, enough?” It will be followed by a Church Picnic! Wear “picnic clothes” (old, comfortable) to church and bring a picnic for yourself or your family.  After worship we will walk into the local forest and enjoy a Sunday afternoon picnic.  Bring food and drinks for yourself. Parents, there is a play area in the woods too!


Sunday August 7, Holy Communion 11.15

Any questions?

Mission of the Month

EPUB Refugee Fund

During June and July, IPC will be supporting the EPUB (Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique) refugee fund.

Disasters happen all the time: large ones, small ones, some that impact us and some that we watch from the safe distance of our computer screen or TV. The ongoing human disaster represented by hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes, fleeing a war-torn homeland, fleeing in fear of their lives continues here in Europe. There are no longer camps to be seen; they are hidden away. The problems are not high-profile; other issues have taken the headlines. But there are still thousands of adults, children and families seeking nothing more than to live without the fear of assault, rape, atrocities and death. They wish for no more than you or I.

The EPUB Refugee Fund is a “partner-fund” shared by our sister congregations from around Belgium. The monies collected are used to help children and young families begin the process of assimilation in their new home. In what is for them a desperate time, it’s good that the church remembers we are called to help “the least of these”.

Thanks for your support of our refugee relief fund.

Coming Soon to IPC!

Bibles and Beer

This will be starting at the end of August.  Several locations have been scouted, so now it would be helpful to know who might be interested in participating.  This will be a one hour (no more) study meeting directly after work in Brussels.  If you are at all interested, please contact Pastor Murray.


This will be starting in September.  Uni.Conve  (University Conversations) is a small group study for University students, graduate students and others that age.  We will be twice a month on a weeknight evening in the University area.  If you would like to know more, please contact Pastor Murray