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Congratulations to IPC for taking part in this wonderful Global Mission Song!

What’s happening at IPC in April?

Save these dates!

Sunday 2: Morning Worship with Communion at 11:15.

Sunday 9: Morning Worship at 11:15.

Sunday 16: Morning Worship at 11:15.

Sunday 23: Morning Worship at 11:15.

Saturday 29: Women of the Church at 10:00

Sunday 30: Morning Worship at 11:15.

Any questions?

Mission of the Month

Protestant Social Centre

IPC has a long history in local mission work as a part of the Protestant Social Centre.  IPC joined with a number of other local Protestant congregations to help create the Protestant Social Center as a means of providing a unified Protestant presence in Brussels and as an efficient way of joint service to those most at risk in here.  Rather than have each congregation attempt to help those in need as best they can, which allows for gaps, overlaps and, in some instances, difficulty of access, the PSC can provide a wide range of assistance for refugees and the homeless.  This assistance includes such things as clothing, school supplies, medical care, language instruction, social connections, aid for battered spouses, assistance with utilities, assistance in finding homes and general “pastoral presence”.   PSC has been OUR vital and shared presence in Brussels ministry.

During the month of March, our Mission collection will be going to the PSC to provide supplies in their Refugee Response project and Children at Risk program.  These two projects focus on providing Christian intervention in the lives of those most at risk in our world today, the children, especially refugee children.  From safe shelter away from squats to basic meals and warm clothing, from the opportunity to attend school to a safe environment that reduces the risk of these children ending up being caught in the world of human trafficking, PSC makes it possible to care for the children because of help from congregations like IPC.