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    We celebrate our diversity; we are intentionally interdenominational and intentionally international.

    We see our diversity as a strength, reflecting the wonderful spectrum of God’s creation in the world around us.

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What’s new at IPC

Summer Holiday

Each Sunday – morning worship at 11:15 followed by Fellowship.

On Sunday, August 18 we will have a carry-in picnic lunch after the worship. Bring lunch to share and simply join us!

Summer Worship at IPC is always a bit “different”! Be ready to choose your favorite hymn for our opening hymn medley. Casual dress is welcome, as the sanctuary can get warm at times. Special treats are always welcome (you can sign up on-line).

While the IPC Choir enjoys well-earned Summer holidays, we are looking for volunteers to share their talents and passion for music. Would you like to perform during one of more Sunday sermons this Summer? Contact Pastor Sam or send us a message.

We hope you can join us!

If you are interested or have questions, please:

Mission of the month – Pastor’s Dicretionary Fund

Mission of the Month – August

“Le Centre Nos Pilifs”

Our mission project this August centers around a local school for autistic children: Le Centre Nos Pilifs. Currently they have about 50-60 students. During a recent visit, the principal  explained that her students  often have a hard time relating to other people. Many of them are brilliant, and extremely talented artistically, but without specialized help it is difficult for them to communcate with others.  There is one thing that the teachers have discovered – music can change their world.

The students love the vibration, the rhythm, and the different sounds. Some of the older children are so talented that they can actually learn to play a musical instrument on their own. The younger ones open up immediately when introduced to musical toys. It gives them a new way to communicate  with others. Music is a whole new sensory perception to them that enables them to express their feelings.

Currently the school has a few educational musical toys, but not enough to go around. Our goal is to provide each class with several sturdy well made musical toys,and/or instruments for the children to experiment with during the school day. This will bring them so much joy!

We will be collecting donations till the end of August. Thank you for your generosity!

Read more at http://www.ipcbrussels.org/mission-of-the-month/