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The IPC Brussels

July and August 2018 at IPC

Summer Holiday!

Each Sunday: Summer Worship at 11:15

Summer Worship at IPC is always a bit “different”!  Be ready to choose your favorite hymn for our opening hymn medley.  Casual dress is welcome, as the sanctuary can get warm at times.  Special treats are always welcome (you can sign up on-line).  We hope you can join us!

Summer Sunday School – a group lesson  for our children is offered from 24 June through 26 August instead of the usual Sunday School classes.  If you would be willing to lead a group lesson one Sunday this summer, please contact Pr. Murray or Danielle T.

Summer at IPC means it’s time for summer music!  During the summer our wonderful IPC choir takes a well-earned break, but the music and worship goes on.  If you are interested in providing our special music for one Sunday this summer, please contact Sue.  We would love to hear your talent!

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Mission of the Month – Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

Mission of the Month – July

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

 “Many hands make for light work”

Every year, IPC takes a special collection for local missions known as the Pastoral Discretionary Fund.  This money is set aside for use by the Pastor for ministry representing the congregation. This allows the Pastor (and IPC) to:

  •  Provide assistance to members and non-members who seek help from the congregation
  • Have a larger impact than if individuals attempted to respond alone
  • Verify that funds are going where they are intended and not misdirected
  • Ensure that EVERY IPC youth will have access to all programs and events
  • Deal with funding needs that simply don’t fit anywhere else and allowing for spontaneous, creative ministries.